RemotePi Board for Pi Model B



Turn any remote control into a power switch for your Raspberry Pi model A or B

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The RemotePi Board for Pi Model B is an intelligent infrared remote controlled power switch add-on board specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi Model A or B. It is mainly intended to remote control and power off/on a media center system. i.e OpenELEC, Raspbmc, XBian, RasPlex, Raspbian. You do not even have to buy an additional remote !

Features :

  • Use almost any remote to safely power your Raspberry Pi on and off. Raspberry Pi power is completely cut off.
  • Use the remote to control the user interface of OpenElec, OSMC, Raspbian, ...
  • Easy to install, fully assembled, no soldering required
  • Piggybacks onto the Raspberry Pi model A or B, no loose cables (for this variant with internal IR and LED)
  • No Raspberry Pi hardware modifications required
  • Does not occupy a USB port 
  • Very small footprint due to the use of SMD components
  • Long range infrared receiver (rated 45 meters)
  • Over-current and transient voltage protection on board (polyfuse + transient voltage suppressor)
  • Version with external IR-receiver and LED for case mount available here
  • Power pad on the RemotePi Board PCB, you can solder external power cables
  • GPIO connector is only partly covered, this leaves pins free for other applications (for example I2C is available for other applications)
  • In addition to the pushbutton or using a remote, invoke power-shutdown from script or program
  • Illuminated pushbutton. Button glows red on standby and lights up when pressed.
  • Firmware is user-upgradable !
  • The RemotePi Board is customizable !  Power-on LED is too bright for you ? Dim it ! Do you want the RemotePi Board to automatically switch on the RaspberryPi after a pre-defined time ? Set the power-on timer ! There are many more options to customize your RemotePi Board, see the configuration tool page for details. On all older RemotePi Boards for Pi Model B this feature can be enabled with a firmware upgrade 

This variant of the RemotePi Board for Pi Model B has the IR receiver and LED integrated on the board. It is also available in another variant with the IR receiver and LED connected to the PCB by an extension cable.


We have an Acrylic Case for the RemotePi Board for Pi Model B and Raspberry Pi available as well here.

Please check out the RemotePi Board Compatibility Matrix to verify that you have selected the matching RemotePi Board for your Raspberry Pi Model.

Click here for support including installation and setup guide