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RemotePi Board 2013

Turn any remote control into a power switch for your Raspberry Pi model A or B

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The RemotePi Board is an intelligent infrared remote controlled power switch add-on board for the Raspberry Pi Revision 2.0 (Model A or B). It is mainly intended to remote control and power off/on a mediacenter system. i.e OpenELEC, Raspbmc, XBian, RasPlex, Raspbian. You do not even have to buy an additional remote !


Please note : This RemotePi Board 2013 does not fit the Raspberry Pi Model B+, it is designed for the Raspberry Pi model A or B. For the Raspberry Pi Model B+ please use the Remote Pi Board + 2015.


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Acrylic Case

We now stock a clear acrylic case as well that perfectly fits your Raspberry Pi and the RemotePi Board 2013, no case modifications necessary !

RemotePi Board distributor in Germany

If you would like to order the RemotePi Board from a distributor located in Germany, you can now find it at

Raspbian now supported by the RemotePi Board

Raspbian is now officially supported by the RemotePi Board ! This adds another distro to the already supported ones : OpenElec, Raspbmc, XBian, RasPlex Please follow the instructions of the 'More...