Raspberry Pi Tips

Some tips for using the Raspberry Pi that we came across while testing the RemotePi Board ...

  • Always shut down using the GUI or the supplied scripts before disconnecting the power to avoid OS corruption. Plug in/out any devices only when the power is off.
  • Backup your SD card once you have configured your favourite settings.
  • Set up the medicenter on a USB stick instead of the SD Card. Apart from getting better performance you will not encounter OS filesystem corruptions, which you may eventually using only a SD Card. Some SD cards and some Raspberri Pi’s seem to be more affected than others. If you get regular SD card corruption despite always doing clean shutdowns, having a good power supply and SD card and do not overclock, then from our testing this is the only way to fix the issue.
  • Use a good low-noise power supply. The voltage from the power supply should not widely fluctuate on load changes and it should supply ideally 5.25 V, at least 5 V under load. This is because the polyfuse on the RPi board or on the RemotePi board drop the voltage already about 0.2 V.


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