Current RemotePi Boards and the new Raspberry Pi 4

Update 1 October 2019

We have today released a new version of the RemotePi Board, specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi 4, allowing higher supply current and featuring a USB-C power connector.


Update 16 July 2019

Our lab testing confirms, what some users already have found out, the RemotePi Board for Pi 3B(+) works with the new Raspberry Pi 4B, but only if there are no additional power drawing peripherials connected (i.e. ext. HDD, etc). The official max. current requirement for the Pi 4B is 3A instead of the 2.5A of the Pi 3B(+), therefore using the RemotePi Board for Pi 3B(+) with the Pi 4B may result in undervoltage warnings under high-load conditions with other devices connected to the USB ports.

We are considering to release an updated version of the RemotePi Board for the Pi 4B with a USB-C connector and max. 3A output, but should we decide to do this, it will likely not happen before Q4 2019. Please check our website for updates.


Original Post :

Please note that we have not yet tested the current RemotePi Board line with the new Rapberry Pi 4 Model B, we will be doing testing in the near future.

Apart from using a different power connector (USB-C instead of Micro USB), we expect that the current RemotePi Board will not work without issues, due to the increased current demand of 3A vs. 2.5A for the Raspberry Pi 3B+.

Please check back here for updates.




  • Tom

    Raspi 4 is running :-) Have it tested … is going great. Have a power supply from the Raspi 3B + taken. Have not installed a fan, but I have tested the playback of USB stick and Portabeler SSD no voltage problems.


  • Christopher Thomas

    Hello Baallrog

    (please be advised that I am from the UK, as such my links are to the Amazon UK store)

    I use the following…
    Cable Matters USB C to Micro USB cable

    Also tried with the following…
    USB C to Micro USB adaptor
    (this is in case you have the new USB C Pi power adaptor and want to use it with the RemotePi.

    MSL Digital: Looking forward to hopefully seeing a update to the RemotePi with the addition of USB C and native 3A support :-)


  • Baallrog

    You made my day !
    Can you give us a link to the adaptator usb-C to microUSB ?

  • Christopher Thomas


    Tested the RemotePi Board for Pi 3 B and Pi 3 B+ with the Pi 4.
    Used a Anker USB C 15w 5v/3a USB wall charger, with a good quality USB C to USB micro USB cable.
    Plugged in the RemotePi HAT into the Pi 4 board, then wired the USB C to USB micro into the USB micro port of the RemotePi.

    I can confirm that the Pi4 does indeed get powered on without the power warning light.

    Please be advised that plugging in fans, lights and USB 3 hard drives might tip the power requirements needed. But the board on its own works fine with the RemotePi HAT.


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