GPIO Adapter


GPIO Adapter

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This GPIO adapter allows to connect a second add-on board besides the RemotePi Board to the Raspberry Pi, for example an audio card HAT.
The adapter fits all current RemotePi Boards, i.e. the versions for Pi 3, Pi 2 and B+ with or without external IR and LED. 

The standard length of the ribbon cable is 20 cm, with one male connector for an extension board in the middle (10 cm), another male connector on one end and a female GPIO connector that fits onto the Raspberry Pi on the other end. The male connectors have mounting holes. We can provide custom lengths for the ribbon cable up to 30 cm, please provide your cable length requirements, and where the middle connector should be located, in the order notes. 

Please note that this simple adapter just replicates each pin of the Raspberry Pi GPIO adapter to two male GPIO connectors, therefore it can only be used, if both add-on boards do not use the same GPIO ports.
The RemotePi Board uses the following GPIO ports :

Pin 8 GPIO 14, used for the shutdown signal and TxD for the serial communication
Pin 10 GPIO 15 used for the shutdown signal and RxD for the serial communication
Pin 12 GPIO 18 used for the IR receiver. This can be changed to GPIO 17 (pin 12), see comments below

See this link on how the pins are numbered.

Please make sure these GPIO ports are unused by the other add-on board. If in doubt, please contact us for confirmation.

Using this adapter with the HiFiBerry

The HiFiBerry line of DACs use GPIO 18, therefore the RemotePi Board needs to be modified to use GPIO 17 instead of GPIO 18. Please see the section 'Remote Pi Board and HiFiBerry' on our support page for more information on how to achieve this.



This adapter is compatible with every RemotePi Board