Acrylic Case Assembly Instructions

Acrylic is a strong material, but it is brittle. Be careful not to bend or force parts during assembly or they may break. Use a flat clean supportive surface for assembly, trying to do this on your lap will not work.


1. Remove the SD card and any cables from your Raspberry Pi. Mount the RemotePi Board onto the Raspberry Pi and secure it with the screw, nuts and washers (see the RemotePi Board instruction page for detailed information).

2. Remove all the protective films (this can be plastic film or paper) from both sides of each acrylic piece. Every acrylic piece has protective material on both sides, after removing the protection the pieces are glass clear.


3. Put the back piece over the LAN and USB ports/ Make sure the two rounded feet are at the bottom.


4. Place the Raspberry Pi on the bottom piece (the big piece without any holes), then connect both side pieces to the bottom piece. At the same time, the back piece must be flipped over the top hooks of the side pieces. the bottom of the back piece is still loose and not connected to the bottom hooks of the side pieces as in the picture below. Make sure the two small holes in the side pieces are at the front. 


5. Carefully mount the back piece (which still hangs loosely over the top hooks as seen in the picture above) over the bottom hooks ('claws') of the side pieces. To do this slide and snap the piece over the two bottom hooks using light pressure. At the same time, you have to slightly pinch the bottom hooks ('claws') upwards. The back piece will then click into place. This is the most difficult step. Please take your time and do not use force to avoid the claws breaking off. Be careful as well not to bend the claws left or right.

The step of snapping the piece in place is shown in the video below, please be careful with this step.


6. Insert the top piece (the lid) into the two small holes of the side pieces. Make sure it is oriented correctly with the hole for the camera connector and the GPIO on top of the connectors.


7. Mount the front piece in the same way as the back piece. Please watch the short video clip on how to mount the front and back piece over the hooks (claws) of the side pieces :

8. Now you can insert the SD card and all connectors and start using your Raspberry Pi with the RemotePi Board ! 



Disassembly instructions

This is basically the above procedure backwards. Remove the SD card and all cables. Carefully pinch the case to bend the two lower claws of the front piece, then slide the lower part off. After that, the front piece can be removed from the upper two hooks. Then bend the side parts left and right slightly to remove the top lid. Remove the back piece in the same way as the front piece. The other pieces are then easy to remove.