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USB Hub for Raspberry Pi Zero

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Clean up the cable mess of an external USB hub and use the new USB Hub Zero with the Raspberry Pi Zero instead ! This USB hub for Raspberry Pi Zero was specifically designed to fit under the Raspberry Pi Zero for a minimal footprint. It can be powered through the Pi Zero and therefore does not require a separate power adapter. One of the 3 USB 2.0 connectors is recessed to fit a USB WiFi adapter or a small form factor USB flash drive.

Features :

  • Specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi Zero, with same shape and size
  • Requires no driver installation for any common Pi Zero distro
  • Can be powered through the Pi Zero or externally. See our support page for details.
  • Pi Zero piggy backs on top of the Hub Zero for a minimal footprint, leaves the top of the Pi Zero available for other expansion boards
  • Uses genuine, proven and reliable Terminus Technology FE1.1s Rev. B USB hub IC, providing 4 Hi-Speed USB 2.0 ports
  • Resettable overcurrent protection for USB ports. Total current up to 1.25 A.
  • Direct power discribution, i.e. current is not budgeted by USB port. This means that effectively a single USB device can draw more current than the 500mA defined in the USB 2.0 specification.
  • 3 USB 2.0 Type A connectors on board, a 4th USB connection can be soldered to the hub PCB
  • One recessed USB port to connect WiFi adapter or small USB flash drive without sticking out
  • Comes with cables ( 1 x power and 1 x USB ) , screws ( 4 ) and nuts ( 12 ) to connect securely to the Pi Zero. 

Please note that some soldering is required to attach the power and USB connection cables to the Pi  Zero, the Pi Zero does not expose the USB link on the GPIO header. For detailed instructions, please see the USB Hub Zero support page.

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