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The RemotePi Board is an intelligent infrared remote controlled power switch for the Raspberry Pi. It is mainly intended to remote control and power off/on a media center system (i.e OpenELEC, OSMC, XBian, RasPlex, Raspbian, Volumio, ...), making your media center easier, more convenient and more intuitive to use for all members of your family.

Go here for detailed information or watch the video to see how it works...

With the IR capabilities, firmware upgrade functionality and now the configuration tool the RemotePi Board is likely the most advanced power controller add-on board available for the Raspberry Pi Model A, B, A+ B+, Pi 2 and Pi 3.

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NEW : RemotePi Board for Raspberry Pi 3 released !

We have just released the newest version of the RemotePi Board, the RemotePi Board for Pi 3 with built-in LED and IR receiver. It is specifically designed for and is fully...

New Product : USB Hub for Raspberry Pi Zero

Check out our new USB Hub Zero, designed for the Raspberry Pi Zero !

NEW : Firmware 2.0 and configuration tool released

We have released a new firmware (version 2.0) and a configuration tool which allows the customization / configuration of the RemotePi Board for Pi 2 and B+ and the RemotePi...

RasPlex now has built-in RemotePi Board support

The new RasPlex version 0.6.0 supports the RemotePi Board and our remote out of the box, no need to install any scripts !To use it with the RemotePi Board just...

RemotePi Board review at

The guys at have reviewed the RemotePi Board for Pi 2 and B+ and have also posted detailed installation and configuration instructions for using the board with OpenElec, you...