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What is the RemotePi Board ?

The RemotePi Board is an intelligent infrared remote controlled power switch add-on board for the Raspberry Pi. It is mainly intended to remote control and power off/on a mediacenter system (i.e OpenELEC, Raspbmc, XBian, RasPlex, Raspbian), making your mediacenter easier, more convenient and more intuitive to use for all members of your family.

Go here for detailed information, here for the product page or watch the video...


What's New

NEW ... Acrylic Case

We now stock a clear acrylic case as well that perfectly fits your Raspberry Pi and the RemotePi Board, no case modifications necessary !

RemotePi Board distributor in Germany

If you would like to order the RemotePi Board from a distributor located in Germany, you can now find it at

Raspbian now supported by the RemotePi Board

Raspbian is now officially supported by the RemotePi Board ! This adds another distro to the already supported ones : OpenElec, Raspbmc, XBian, RasPlex Please follow the instructions of the 'More...

RemotePi Board Review

Dylan Durdle has done an independent review of the RemotePi Board on his blog, you can read the main RemotePi Board review here and a general page about different Raspberry Pi...

XBian now supported

XBian is now officially supported by the RemotePi Board and the Remote in addition to OpenElec and Raspbmc ! Please follow the instructions of the 'More Information' pages to get...